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Change the association of shortcuts.

User can assign to most functions and commands basic and possibly a alternative shortcut. For management user uses this function. Function open the following window:


Functions are splitted to groups - user can switch over the groups using combobox. After group change content of listview is updated.

There is list of functions and commands. It is splitted to subgroups. First column contains name of function, second contains basic shortcut and last one contains alternative one. Double click to row with choosed function the followind window will be opened:


User can choose, which type of shortcut he want to change. The shortcut can be changed using this window:


Button "None" can quickly clear the window content. After confirmation the new shortcut will be assigned to function. If shortcut conflicts with existing one, the following window will be opened:


User can confirm new association or can choose another shortcut.
Using "OK" button user confirms changes.

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